Top 5 Apps for Post-COVID Living

Tuesday, June 8, 2021


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COVID-19 changed everything for so many people, but thanks to technology, there are now more ways than ever to cope with life. Check out this handy list of the top five apps to help you cope with post-COVID life.

1. Your country or region’s COVID app

It’s impossible to live with COVID without using your country’s COVID-19 API. Your local COVID app has all the relevant information about your area, including High Alert areas, contact tracing, and changes to the rules. You’ll also be able to access tests and notify your contacts of the need to self-isolate.

In some countries, you’ll need the COVID app to check-in at bars, pubs, or indoor entertainment venues like the cinema. You’re going to need this feature for a long time to come yet, so you’ll want the app installed.
2. A news app

Keeping up with the news has never been more important. Due to the nature of COVID-19, you’ll want instant access to local restrictions and updates, as well as general news on the situation.

Many people are now much bigger followers of the news than they used to be, and having a news app installed isn’t all doom and gloom. There’s lots of positive news these days, and there are uplifting takes on life all the time.
3. What’s App or Facebook Messenger

Communications with family, friends and even colleagues are much easier with something like What’s App or Facebook Messenger. Both of these apps are free, and widely used, so you’ll be sure to find your social circle using the same apps.

It’s easy to share photos, videos and GIFs through social apps, and it’s a great way of having group chats, or even video calls.
4. Instagram

Not many people aren’t on Instagram these days, and with good reason. The photo-sharing social media giant is the best place on the internet for posting your pictures. You can keep up with friends, family, and your favourite celebrities, and there’s always new inspiration for what to do with your free time.

Check out some of your favourite influencers or bloggers on Instagram. You’ll find a wealth of new recipe and wardrobe ideas in no time, as well as so much more.
5. Apple Music or Spotify

If you’ve got a music app on your phone like Apple Music or Spotify, you can access your favourite tunes at the tap of a button. Apple Music has a student subscription, which is excellent value for the students in your life.

However, Spotify isn’t bad, and if you’re an Android user, you’ll definitely be needing this instead of Apple Music! Spotify student users can get a whole month of premium Spotify for free.

However you spend your time these days, chances are you’ll be using application technology on your smartphone. The top five apps to have installed on your device are your local COVID app, a news app, social apps (like What’s App or Facebook), Instagram, and a major music app like Apple Music or Spotify. Check your phone and download whatever you’re missing today!

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