Types Of Health Issues To Address When Helping Aging Parents

Tuesday, June 8, 2021



Watching your parents get old isn’t easy and maybe cause for some concern. You might begin to notice that they’re getting less mobile and aren’t able to do the things they once enjoyed as freely. It’s important you’re not only aware of what health issues to look out for but that you have a plan for addressing them.

Health issues can be challenging to deal with and manage and may have you losing sleep at night worrying about your parents. It can put stress and strain on your parents as well as the family. You must know what to watch out for and ways to identify and monitor these types of health concerns so you’re prepared to help your aging parents.
Hearing Loss

You may notice your aging parents begin to experience hearing loss and can’t hear as well as they once did. In this case, you and your parents may want to educate yourselves on what it’s like as a first time hearing aid user and ensure you know what to expect. They are a great way to change your parent’s daily life for the better and can improve their quality of life too. Make an appointment with an audiologist and go with them to get a better idea of the level of hearing loss and treatment plan.
Balance & Mobility

You may also want to have safety issues on your radar when trying to help your aging parents. They may begin to have mobility and balance troubles and can’t get around or walk as well as they once did. It’s wise to check out their living situation and make sure their home is suitable for their health and ability to get around. Safety issues can lead to accidents and other health issues so make sure you communicate with them and set them up for success by modifying their environment appropriately.

Your parents may struggle to perform regular self-care activities as they age. This can be cause for concern because they may not feel their best when they are failing to take proper care of themselves. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to step in and figure out what they need or what you can do to help. Make sure that you continue to take care of yourself in the process and don’t let your own self-care slide as you give a helping hand to your aging parents.
Mental Health

You may also notice that your aging parent’s mental health begins to take a turn for the worse over time. Be sure to check on them often and encourage them to get out and spend time in nature or with friends. Find activities they can do at home to keep their minds sharp such as doing crossword puzzles or other word games. It may help if they maintain a gratitude journal and review what they’re thankful for in their life to keep their spirits high. Do what you can to help them find a sense of purpose even though they’re getting older and may not have the strength and energy they once had.

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