How To Be a Responsible Horse Owner On a Budget

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Owning a horse is a huge responsibility. Not only do you need to spend a lot of time caring for your horse properly, but you also should be prepared to spend a significant amount of money giving your pet the care he or she deserves. Being a responsible horse owner doesn't mean you have to spend money on the highest-quality items. Here are three ways you can cut the costs of horse ownership without compromising on quality care. 

Find Good Deals On Supplies

Just because horse supplies are name brand doesn't mean they are any better than generic products. You can save money just by choosing generic products, but you can save even more if you shop sales at your favorite stores. By finding discount horse supplies, you can save a significant amount of money on the products you use to provide daily care for your horse.
Invest in Insurance

One of the most expensive aspects of owning a horse is paying for medical bills. If your horse is healthy, you may not have to spend a lot amount of money on maintenance and upkeep, but you never know when your pet will get hurt or sick. The unexpected vet bills are often the ones that cost the most, but you need to be able to afford medical care whenever your horse needs it. Investing in horse medical insurance can offset the cost of vet bills. You may never need it, but it is good to have just in case so you aren't forced to decide between helping your horse or letting him or her suffer.
Barter for Board and Feed

Many people aren't able to keep their horses on their own property. You may have to find a local stable to board your mount at, but paying for feed and board can get expensive. You may be able to offset this cost by bartering with the owner of the stable where your horse lives. If he or she needs help caring for the horses or maintaining the property, you may be able to help in exchange for a discount on your boarding fee.

Horses are expensive, but there are ways you can care for them properly on a budget. Use these three tips to save money without neglecting your horse or compromising on the quality of his or her care. These three ways to save money cut costs while allowing your pet to thrive.

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