Supporting A Family Member With Hearing Loss

Tuesday, June 8, 2021


Hearing loss is something that many people experience at some point in their lives, and it’s important that you know how to handle it if you know people who are experiencing it too. It’s a sensitive issue that should be taken on with care, and you should know that it can be difficult for those who are experiencing it themselves. Unless you experience it for yourself, it can be impossible to know what it’s like without getting yourself informed on the matter.


Understand how they feel

When you’re talking to someone with hearing loss, it’s likely that you may have to repeat yourself a few times or speak louder when trying to hold a conversation. It’s more frustrating for them than it is for you, so it’s very important that you’re able to be patient with them. If they don’t yet have a hearing aid, make sure you understand that not only are they having difficulty hearing, but it’s difficult for them to maintain a conversation.

If you’re experiencing hearing loss, communicating with others is something that can be very tiring, and overall a negative experience. It can make you want to avoid social interaction altogether, which is why it’s important that you understand that when you’re reaching out to your loved ones.

It also helps to talk to them about it personally. If you don’t understand how they’re feeling, ask them! It’s hard to talk about a lot of issues, but when it’s something that directly affects how you can communicate with them, understanding it is important for both of you. Everyone has a different experience with hearing loss, so you should understand that problems like tinnitus can have a big impact on how they handle things.

Encourage them

Hearing loss is something that many people have difficulty moving forward with. It can impede on your life, and make daily activities that you used to find easy quite difficult, and yet getting help is also another hurdle that needs to be tackled. Giving them the encouragement they need to seek out help from a professional can help them to get things back to the way they used to be. Receiving treatment like a hearing aid can benefit those experiencing hearing loss significantly, and it’s not something that should be delayed!

Being supportive is important for many scenarios, and hearing loss is one where you should do your best to be there for them. It’s a difficult problem to tackle, and even if it can be made better, not everyone will take the news of their hearing loss positively.

What you should do when talking to them

If you’re trying to communicate to a loved one with hearing loss, it’s important that you try to be more expressive when talking. Using hand gestures, facial expressions, etc. can make it much easier to get your point and feelings across when speaking. It makes you easier to read, meaning that you’re easier to understand even if not everything you say was heard.

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