How To Leave The Planet in Better Shape for the Future

Wednesday, June 16, 2021


 One of the most important things in our lifetime is the planet we live on. It quite literally sustains us and keeps us alive.  But for some reason, no one seems to care that much about it.  We act like we do, but when it comes to pick up that loose piece of trash that blew into your yard, we just let it sit.  Well, personally, I don't and I'm known as the one in my neighborhood that walks around picking up trash weekly, but still!
So I put together some ways that we can all make more of an effort to leave this planet a better place.

Use Less
Use less stuff which means you'll buy less stuff which means less money and product and fuel is used to make, package, and ship your stuff to your home.  Impulse buying silly things because they are neat and cool isn't worth it to the planet.  Your home will be easier to clean too because it'll have less stuff.  Buy what you need and that's it. Reuse when you can.  Borrow things from people that you only need temporarily. 

Recycle but Still Cut Back
Recycling is important so be sure to read what your township or county allows to be recycled.  Wash your empty containers before recycling them,  break down your cardboard, and reuse things when you can.  I use glass jars for storage.  I use a reusable water bottle instead of drinking endless bottles of water throughout each day.  
Pick Up Trash
It doesn't matter if it's yours or not, PICK IT UP.  If you don't, in the end, the planet loses.  Loose trash in the street is a horrible thing because it eventually makes it's way to the storm drains, which go to the ocean.   

Secure Your Trash
Secure your trash in tied bags and a tight lid on your trashcans so when it's a windy day you don't have any issues with your own trash blowing away.   DO BETTER!
Drive Less
Walk when you can, drive when you have to.  Combine errands each week.   

Plant Native Plants In Your Yard
Native plants are very important to native species.  That goes for shrubs, trees, and flowers as well so do your research and find out what is native in your area.  Native bugs, birds, and critters rely on native plants for food and even housing.  Invasive species can look pretty but it's not good for your local ecosystem. 

Clean Waterways
Do your part to clean litter from any bodies of water (safely) so that they don't make their way to the ocean. 

Keep Your Cat Indoors
Cats that roam outdoors are bad for the native bird population.  Keep your cat secured when outside. It's also a safer choice for them. 

Learn to Love "Weeds"
Things that we consider weeds aren't always a bad thing.  Leave them grow in your yard.  Get rid of the idea of a perfectly green grassy lawn.  Its okay to have weeds. You can still mow your yard, just don't use toxic chemicals on it. 

These are just a handful of ways to do better. Please sure your own ways below!

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