10 Easy Ways To Take Your Home From Cold To Cozy

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Most homes get cold from time to time. Whether or not you live in a cold environment or simply lack natural light, you will not want to be living in a cold and unwelcoming space. Making your home cozy will make you feel more comfortable and make your house feel like a home. If your home often gets cold and you need some inspiration for how to make it cozier, here are some ideas.

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Add direct heating

Although central heating can warm you up and make you feel comfortable in your home, it does not always give the cozy feel. Nor is it eco-friendly and affordable.

Thus, adding a direct heating vent will allow you to be warm in certain rooms and enjoy the comforting feeling of warm air being transmitted throughout the room. They are easy to install and being able to move them around means you can take them to each room with you to get cozy wherever you want to relax, work, or sleep. If you want to learn more about the benefits of utilizing a direct vent heating system click here.

Utilize soft furnishings

No matter if you are on a budget or have some money to spend, adding soft furnishings is always accessible. There are plenty of options on the market to meet your cozy home interior needs.

Soft furnishings add texture to a room, which warms it up and makes it more cozy and inviting. There is nothing worse than watching a movie without blankets and pillows. Thus, adding them to appropriate areas will make the home feel cozier and encourage you to spend more time there relaxing, socializing, or enjoying your entertainment.

Change up the colors

An easy way to enhance the coziness of a space is through colors. Cold colors such as blues and greys might make your home feel colder than it is. Warmer colors will instantly enhance the warmth of the home.

You do not have to paint all of the walls a crazy color. If you like lots of color, then go for it. A feature wall is a nice way to tie in a warm color. Or, you could add simple colourful features such as pillows and pictures.


What’s cozier than a burning candle? Candles can be used year round to increase the coziness of a room. They can be added to the centre table or in the windows for an all day glow and warming scent.

To further enhance the coziness of a space, adding candles with cozy scents will work a treat. For instance, find a candle that smells of cozy linen or a winter fireplace. These will fill the room with a warming scent and make the environment more relaxing.

Add a fireplace

Another feature that instantly screams cozy is a fireplace. Although not all homes can install a real fireplace, there are many artificial ones that work the same.

You can plug in and enjoy an artificial flame and warm air. Or, if you are lucky and can add a real fireplace, then go for it. Fireplaces are the ultimate way to get cozy. They are likely added to living rooms by the chimney. This is a great location if you want family or friends to get together and enjoy a cozy night in.

Heavier bedding

If you often feel cold or not cozy enough when you sleep, try heavier bedding. Simply increasing the tog of your duvet will make you warmer and feel much cozier. Although it may be difficult for you to get out of bed in the mornings because you are so snug and warm, they will surely take you from cold to cozy.

Additionally, heaving bedding can include pillows and blankets too. You can further increase the warmth of your bed without changing the duvet by adding extra pillows and soft blankets. Extra layers at night are a great way to enhance the coziness of the room and not get too warm when you sleep, as you can remove them.

Softer bulbs

If you find that your light bulbs at home are extra white and feel clinical, then you might want to consider opting for softer bulbs. Softer bulbs create a warmer feel. They can be added to the ceiling lights as well as lamps to create a softer and calmer ambience.

Alternatively, you could change the bulbs for colorful mood lighting. You can find bulbs that change colors. Thus, you will be able to switch from soft natural light to reds, pinks, and whatever color you want for a cozy night in.

More rugs

Floor rugs are an easy way to eliminate the coldness from wood or tiled floors.

Rugs add more layers and texture to the home, which instantly boosts the coziness. You can add them to any space to eliminate the cold. Rugs will hold in heat too. Whereas a bare floor will make the entire room feel cold.

Add a relaxation spot

A cozy home is one with a spot that you can go to for ultimate relaxation. You should always have a space at home where you can fully relax and switch off. After all, your home is your peaceful place. Thus, adding a relaxation spot will make your home feel more comforting and warm when you need it most.

A relaxation spot could simply be a reading corner. Adding a small soft chair to the corner of your bedroom or living room will allow you to sit and switch off away from the hustle and bustle from the home. It could be your new reading spot, a place to get ready, or simply sit in peace and quiet.

Use guest slippers

There is nothing worse than being barefoot on a cold floor, especially as a guest. Offering your guests warm guest slippers will make them feel cozier and more comfortable when they come to visit.

Don’t forget to treat yourself to some nice slippers too so that you can enjoy the cozy feel at all times when you are at home.

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