FREE Printable Financial Goal Charts

Monday, June 10, 2019

FREE Printable Financial Goal Charts

You know what makes working towards your financial goals even more fun?  Tracking them as you go.  It gives you a way to watch your progress and see how close you are to your end goal.  That's why I've created 3 free printable goal trackers for you! 

So what do you get?  
Free printable debt tracker
Debt Goal Chart: You obviously want to become debt free so this lets you track your debt as a whole, or you can use one sheet for each debt.  You just take the total of your debt and divide it by the number of blocks on the left.  Right the amount each block stands for in the right hand column.  As you pay down your debt fill the blocks in with a marker up or down (whichever way you choose to label your chart)  and keep the chart handy for you to check on yourself! 
free printable emergency fund tracker
Emergency Fund Chart: An emergency fund it so crucial and you can read more about why you need one and how to fund it here. So whether your goal is $500 or $1,000 you can track your progress and know that the sooner you fund it, the better off you are. 

free printable savings tracker

Savings Goal Chart: Once your other financial goals are achieved, you may begin to focus on 3-6 months of living expenses in your regular savings fund.  What better way to track it than this? 


FREE Printable Financial Goal Charts

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  1. Thanks for making these printable


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