20 Ways to Cut Expenses in Your Budget

Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Ever since my post about being on a budget, everyone has been asking for ways to cut back on expenses so I put together a list of some ideas.

1. Downgrade your cable package and get rid of the house phone
2. Buy generic brands of toiletry products
3. Buy generic brands at the grocery store
4. Plan meals a week ahead so you know exactly what you need to buy and DON'T buy any more
5. Use a cash envelope system to see what silly cash purchases you can cut back on
6. Buy used books over new ones
7. Buy kindle books instead of paper books
8. Shop at thrift stores
9. Use fans during the summer so you don't have to crank the air conditioning as much
10. Exercise at home using DVDs or by running outside instead of a gym membership
11. Paint your own nails/toes
12. Make your own laundry detergent
13. Hang your clothes to dry instead of using a dryer
14. Pack your lunch
15. Bring your own coffee instead of buying Starbucks on the way to work
16. Cut your own lawn instead of paying someone to do it
17. Use coupons and watch sales flyers so you can double your savings
18. Exchange services for other services (blogging for an event, blogging about a product, tailor someone's clothing in exchange for them to mow your lawn, etc.) 
19. Check www.retailmenot.com before making a purchase on any website
20. Circulate magazines with friends or coworkers so you don't need to pay for so many magazine subscriptions

When you really want to cut back, you need to get creative and really take a close look at all of the ways you spend your money.  The goal is always to cut back expenses to a reasonable level that you can still have necessities but you are obtaining them in a way more affordable manner.  Let me know in the comments below other ways you can save!

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