Declutter Your Home: The Box Project

Wednesday, October 27, 2021


 So this is a fun little thing I started doing in the last year to help myself keep my home tidy and decluttered.  We tend to accumulate so much stuff even if you already have a tidy home, it can only take a single year to accrue more unnecessary things.  So if you feel like you just have so much stuff, try this little declutter hack.

The Box Project, as I like to call it basically just consists of you taking a box (or boxes) and going around your home from room to room, collecting anything you don't need or want or that doesn't bring you joy.  
This works best in areas of your home that are always on display like your main level rooms, living room, home office, etc.  I go room by room with my box.  
What you do is put items inside the box that you think you can do without.  Do your shelves feel cluttered with decor? Then see if there's anything you can put in the box.  Some people like to go for a more minimal look with decor and the Box Method can really help with that.  
If it's something you won't miss, hardly notice because it's been there so long but you aren't a fan, or just something that you don't even know why you still have it out, put it in the box! 
What do you do with the items in the box then? Well, that's up to you.  Some people aren't ready to make decisions yet so they set it aside to go through later and that's totally fine as long as you still promise to go through it.  Other people go through and sell items, pitch broken items, or give other things away.  Some things even have a different place in the home, even if it's just storage (there will be special items you can't part with and that's totally fine.) 
The reason this is easier than other methods is because you are going through how everything is displayed already and just picking pieces out.  It's less overwhelming and if you have regrets, you can take it back out of the box in a week or so if you haven't gone through the box yet.  This is a good project for kids as they can have one box and go through their room looking for items to fill it.  It's also great for difficult areas in the home.  Perhaps you have a storage closet or storage room and it contains decor, holiday themed items, etc.  The Box Method lets you pick a few items here and there and see the impact it makes.  
Have you ever used The Box Method? How did it work?

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