Overcoming Reading And Writing Challenges That Young Children Face

Tuesday, October 5, 2021


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Reading and writing are ubiquitous skills in the modern world. While just about everyone is able to understand the world of words, though, some people have a harder time with this than others. Children can struggle with their reading and writing far more than adults usually do, and this means that parents have to work hard to keep their children’s reading skills sharp.

This process can take a lot of time and effort, but the work that you do along the way will be well worth it. Not only can this help your child during school, but it will also help them with their career and ability to enjoy entertainment. Let’s take a look at some of the challenges that children face with reading and writing, giving you the tools to overcome them with your own kids.

Common Reading Challenges

Reading is a skill that can be essential in the modern world. From understanding food packets to being able to read books, most people will do a lot more reading in their day-to-day life than they realize. This makes it crucial that your child is able to read properly, and you need to make sure that they have everything they need to accomplish this goal.

Dislike Of Reading: Some children think that they don’t like to read. In reality, though, this is usually only because they haven’t found a book that they like yet. While it can take some hunting, it will always be worth working hard to find books that your little ones will like. Alongside this, you can learn techniques like how to use sight words to foster a love of reading.

Learning Difficulties: Conditions like dyslexia can make it very hard to read, and this is something that needs to be identified early on so that your child is able to get the right support. Most schools are able to help with this, though you may need to speak to an expert if you are worried about this with your child.

Distractions: Reading a book takes a lot of focus, and some children aren’t able to concentrate on the pages that they have to read. This can make it very hard to get them to engage with books. Preparing a good reading environment will help with this, though you should also consider the idea of giving your little one rewards for reading for long stints.

Eyesight Issues: Your eyes are the main tool you use while reading, and this makes it important that your kid’s eyesight is good enough to read. If not, they may need to get glasses, and it will be worth doing this early on so that they are able to get used to wearing them before going to school.

Common Writing Challenges

Writing can often be even harder than reading. You have to remember an array of different things to be able to write properly, especially when you are using pen and paper. Most kids will have to develop their writing skills to be able to find success during exams and other parts of their education.

Understanding Words: Understanding how words are structured can be hard for a young person. It can take some time to achieve this, and reading can play a big role in helping your child to wrap their head around the words they have to write.

Pain While Writing: Some kids will find it harder to write for long periods than others. This can make it hard to keep up during school, while also lowering their confidence. Typing can be a good way to overcome this, and many schools are allowing children to use computers during lessons, nowadays.

Writing Experience: Much like reading, writing is something that you have to keep doing to learn properly. This makes it worth pushing your child to write in their day-to-day lives, giving them the opportunity to learn without having to spend loads of time struggling.

Learning Difficulties: Many of the conditions that impact a child’s ability to read can also hurt their writing skills. You have to keep an eye on their skills, ensuring that your children are able to get the support they need during school.

Poor Handwriting: Confidence is a big element of writing, and this means that poor handwriting can make it hard for a child to want to write. A computer can help with this, but you could also look for ways to help your child to improve their handwriting so that they feel more confident.

The Importance Of Reading & Writing

Reading and writing are both fundamental skills that your child will need throughout their life. This won’t only impact their time at school, and you need to work hard to make sure that your little ones are able to enjoy these skills. Work will need to be done to achieve this goal, but you should be able to handle this alongside supporting their schoolwork.

Time is a big element of this process, and you need to be willing to give your child enough time to develop their reading and writing skills. You may have to sacrifice a bit of your free time for this, though your child will be the one doing the real work, and this makes it worth supporting them. As time goes by, you will slowly get better and better at helping your kids with their mastery of words.

As you can see, there are a lot of issues that children can face when they are learning to read and write. This process can be a challenging one, but you have the benefit of a school and other parents sharing advice and offering support. You never have to go through this alone, and having a child who struggles to read or write isn’t ever a reflection on you.

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