How to Get Your Kids More Active

Tuesday, October 12, 2021


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Many parents worry that their kids are not getting enough exercise. Most parents believe their children spend too much time looking at screens playing video games and not enough time outside being active. The issue of kids not getting enough exercise is not a new problem; for several years, experts have warned that children need to be more active. The link between a sedentary lifestyle and obesity is one of the main reasons increasing kids’ activity levels is so important. Keeping your kids healthy is a priority, but finding ways to encourage them to be more active and step away from their tech is not easy. If you are struggling to get your kids out of their bedrooms and get them more active outside in the fresh air, these tips should help you achieve this:

Be a Strong Role Model

Do you know how much physical activity the CDC recommends for American adults? Thinking about your own activity levels and whether they could use some improvement is crucial. While you want your kids to be active, you also need to protect your own health too, and being active plays a vital part in this. Focusing on improving your activity levels is an excellent way to model positive behavior for your kids and lead by example.

Making exercise something that the entire family does together will make it so much simpler for everyone to increase their fitness levels. Being active as a family makes physical exercise so much more fun and is an ideal bonding experience. You could try a new activity each week to keep things interesting.

Get Qualified

If you are passionate about helping kids to get more active and want to extend this beyond your own family, you could make it your career. Getting qualified to take kids’ fitness classes and lead kids’ activity sessions is a great way to launch a career that is meaningful to you and benefits others. Being able to share your passion with other families and inspire kids to get more active will ensure you play your role in helping to make the next-generation active and healthy. Taking a kids fitness certification is a great way to create a career that you love and helps others.

Make it a Team Effort

Every parent knows that kids tend to copy their peers, often this is a bad thing, but it can sometimes be positive. If other moms are struggling to get their kids active, you could join forces to ensure that your kids get plenty of exercise. Organizing a play date at the local skate park or BMX track is an excellent way to get your kids outdoors and into the fresh air to exercise. Your kids will be very unlikely to turn down the opportunity to meet up with their buddies for some fun, so this is a win-win situation. Organizing a regular outdoor play date like this can be a great way to make being active a part of your child’s routine.

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