How To Create Your Own Cleaning Routine

Monday, October 18, 2021


Housework can sometimes get away from us all. There are so many things going on in each of our lives like kids, jobs, errands, a social life, and home tasks.  That's why it can feel overwhelming to create a routine for even just one of those aspects, like home tasks.  A cleaning routine is a great way to take care of regular housework and chores so that they don't creep up on you and stress you out. 

Make a List
The first thing to do is make a list of all the tasks that need done in your home no matter how often they need done.  You can include as much as you want - everything from laundry to changing the filter for your HVAC system.   If it feels difficult to make a list, grab a notepad and walk around your home - room to room.  As you go, note all the things you will need to tidy, clean, or organize on a regular basis. 

Set a Schedule 
Next to each task, determine how often it needs done.  Some things may be daily like wiping down the kitchen counters, and others may be weekly like laundry or dusting.  Some can even be quarterly or yearly.  This is important to do because it will help you make your final list and to actually get things done.
Make a Final List
 Next you want to make your final version list.  You can do it on the computer or on paper, whichever works best for you.   You can also display it somewhere like the fridge or your home office, so that you can't avoid looking at it.  This list will show what days or weeks certain tasks need done.  If there are too many on one day or in one week, you can break them up.  Some people do better with designating an entire day each week to tasks like this but for others, their schedule is already to chaotic so it makes more sense to break things down day by day.  Maybe dust on a Monday and vacuum on a Tuesday. 

Enlist Help
Just because you made the list yourself doesn't mean you have to do it all yourself.  Enlist help with your spouse or children.  Create lists for each of them that are displayed somewhere so everyone has to do their part.  This is a good way to make sure the members of your household know what's expected of them.  
How do you manage a cleaning routine?

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