How Window Replacement Benefits Your Home

Monday, October 4, 2021


When considering the upgrades we want to make to our house, we rarely settle just on the windows and doors. But the truth is, replacing your windows can have one of the most significant impacts on our home.

You might have been trying to open your windows, and they are feeling a little sticky, or they jam a little as you try to shut them. Perhaps you have noticed that there is a draft coming from one of the corners.

Worse still, you can only lock the window shut so far, and you know that it poses a safety risk to you and your home.

Having beautiful and functioning windows is the most obvious and biggest perk to replacing your windows, but there are several other great benefits. Hiring the siding installation company, Siding & Windows Group or something similar in your area is the best way to upgrade your windows for years of safety and peace of mind.

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Energy efficiency

One of the most substantial bonuses from a window replacement is often seen in our energy bills.

You will have a much better-insulated home by booking a local home window replacement and having new windows installed.

Better insulation leads to an easier maintain the temperature within the home. It will avoid continuously turning the heating up and down - that extra degree can come at quite a price!

After a short time, especially in the winter months, you will notice that your electricity bill decreases.

Replacing your windows can be one of the vital steps in reducing your energy usage. Combine with the following to enjoy a more significant impact:

-Add insulation to the ductwork around your home, check the crawl space, attic and basement as these can be critical points for letting out heat
-If you are waiting for a window replacement, seal up the gaps around the windows in the meantime.
-Add insulation curtains to the windows.

When you have new windows fitted, you won’t need to worry about the drafts anymore; instead, you can concentrate on decorating your home to enjoy the fall weather - rather than be concerned about it!

If you know that your windows and doors don’t shut completely or that the lock is stiff or jams, then you will never be able to relax completely.

Being worried about your home while you are away, or worse, while in bed at night, is an awful feeling.

Opting to replace the windows will mean that you are sure all locks will be in perfect working order. You may even choose to have windows with sturdier locking options.

Combine the window replacement with a new door with more robust locks, and you will be able to relax completely.

Here are some of the reasons burglars could target your window:

Cracks and chips in the glass pane
Small gaps in the joints of the frame
Warped or worn window frames
The handle or lock noticeably does not close correctly
A small gap between the outside frame overlap and the window below for top opening windows

These are noticeable vulnerabilities in the windows and are easy to exploit for thieves.

The most noticeable benefit to having your windows replaced is, of course, the home’s aesthetic appearance.

There is a certain charm to older windows, and they can undoubtedly aid that cottage-core chic that is so popular right now. But eventually, no matter how beautiful the old windows look, they will have the same issues—letting in drafts, wood rot, and being a target for would-be thieves.

Sometimes, older windows can function reasonably well, but they aren’t pretty to look at - and frankly you just need to change them.

It isn’t uncommon for windows to begin to go cloudy or have too much weather damage over several years. When this happens, it is impossible to clean to windows to make them look good, and it is a matter of time before other issues occur.

A complete window replacement will give your home a cohesive look and remove any of your aesthetic issues. At the same time, giving you beautiful functioning windows.
HVAC savings

It is not something that many people would put together. How do new windows help your HVAC?

Well, HVACs, when used, often have a lot of stress on them. When you have windows that aren’t letting in cold air when you don’t want, or that air the house out well, your HVAC will not be used as much,

To have your HVAC repairs due to being used so much is an expensive undertaking, and for many, it is one of the most costly repairs in the home.
More comfortable

We can have or add a few things to our home that will make it instantly more comfortable.

If you are constantly battling the cold leaking through the windows by turning up the heating, you are costing yourself plenty of cash and having to balance the home’s temperature all the time.

As mentioned above, if the windows don’t lock correctly you also aren’t going to feel 100% safe within your home.

The right windows can help your home remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter without having to keep changing the thermostat. ,

Regulating your home’s temperature will ensure that everyone in the house is comfortable no matter what the weather is.
Value of the home

Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home anytime soon, adding some value to the house is essential.

Windows add an upgraded look to the exterior and interior of the home, but more importantly - all of the benefits that come with a window replacement add up to an increased sale price.

When the home is energy efficient, safe and the windows look great - it’s great for buyers.
Noise reduction

If you work nights, and the day times are when you get the most sleep and rest, but the outside noise is pouring through the windows, it can lead to broken sleep.

Or perhaps you live in an area with a lot of traffic, or a lively neighborhood, and need to reduce the amount of noise that comes through the windows in the evening.

No matter the reason, noise reduction from new windows is one of the biggest bonuses.

The outside noise won’t be completely silenced, but you can enjoy a reasonable reduction - which can make it easier to relax and enjoy your home.

There are even some brands and types of windows that are designed to give an improved level of outside sound reduction. 

Do I need to replace my windows?

If you are replacing your windows for purely looks, then you likely have some time to decide. If you have unsafe windows, you should get a replacement as soon as possible.

There are some other signs that you need to schedule a window replacement too.

Even the smallest amount of condensation between the glass is usually an issue for double or triple glazed windows. It happens due to the contraction and expansion due to weather. The seal between the glass panels fails.

Rot and cracks are more common in wooden frames; these are a more significant issue and will let in water and pests. As well as not looking very nice - cracks and rot weaken the window frame, making them a safety risk.

If you notice that pools of water appear, even the smallest amount can indicate a much bigger issue. Eventually, this will lead to mold. It could be a simple solution like the sash and the jam aren’t meeting correctly. A small amount of caulk might help the issue, but a replacement window is often the better option.

And those are just some of the benefits you can enjoy when you replace your windows.

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