Simple Rules To Enjoy Better Health

Tuesday, October 19, 2021


The news headlines have been dominated by the pandemic for the last 18 months, and many of us are now trying to pay more attention to our health. If you’re on a mission to improve your health and wellbeing, here are some simple rules to follow.

Checks and tests

One of the best ways to improve your health with minimal effort is to keep up to date with health checks and screening. If it has been years since you went to the dentist, you’ve ignored invitations for cancer screening tests, or you have no idea whether your blood pressure is normal or not, now is the time to start scheduling appointments.

It is particularly important to make sure you’re up to speed with tests and assessments if you have received treatment for health conditions in the past, or you have a high risk of developing symptoms as a result of your family history. Seek advice if you have any concerns about your health and listen to instructions from health professionals. If you have been advised to attend appointments and you don’t go, you cannot hold doctors responsible for delays in diagnosing illnesses or starting treatment. Medical malpractice attorneys represent clients who have been let down by the medical profession through errors or mistakes. They won’t represent patients who have sustained injuries or developed more severe symptoms as a result of putting off seeking advice or ignoring professional advice. 

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Self-care is a subject of great interest at the moment. It involves looking after yourself and being proactive in protecting your body and mind. Prioritize your health and wellbeing and start taking steps to boost your health. Examples include making time for exercise and increasing activity levels, eating well, getting enough sleep, enjoying the great outdoors and spending more time seeing people or doing things that make you happy. Try to manage stress through exercise, meditation, time management and rest and downtime, reach out if you want to talk to somebody or share thoughts or concerns and devote time to hobbies and activities that help you to relax. Surround yourself with positive people and friends and family that make you feel good. Cut out negative influences and activities or actions that make you feel stressed, anxious or down.

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Physical activity

Being more active can make a dramatic difference to your mental and physical health. Exercise can help you to get fitter and stronger, boost heart health and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer, but it also makes you feel amazing. When your body moves, you release endorphins and the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain increase. This produces a natural high. You can also use exercise to express yourself or channel emotions. From inducing calm with yoga, Pilates, jogging or swimming to managing anger or frustration with spinning, boxing or HIIT sessions, you’ll always feel better after a workout.

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Many of us are eager to embrace self-care and start putting our health first. If you’re on a mission to improve your health, follow these simple rules.

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