Autumn Makeup And Beauty Trends To Follow

Thursday, October 7, 2021



Autumn is finally here and this marks a huge change in the beauty and makeup trends we will see around us in the coming months.

Unlike summer where highlighter is our best friend and beachy waves are the go to hair do - autumn is a little different and we will see some fun new trends as well as old classics gracing our screens this season.

If you are looking for some new makeup and beauty ideas to add to your routine this season, we have a list of some of the top trends out and about at the moment.

Terracotta love

If you have not noticed in the last few years, there has been a stark change from dramatic eye looks to more neutral and warm colours. Terracotta is a colour you likely associate with plant pots, however it is now becoming a popular colour for eye shadow as well as a lip tint. If you want to enjoy the autumn time looking fresh and stylish, grab yourself a terracotta eyeshadow this week and use this to lightly cover the eye to give it some warmth and natural glow. You’ll immediately look brighter and more ready for the day ahead.

The kitten eye

We’ve all heard of the cat eye and the wing, but what is the kitten eye? Well, in recent years makeup has taken a turn from bold looks to more subtle and natural ones and this kitten eye is a way to make your eyes and lashes look bigger without the huge cat eye wing we all know from the early 2000s. The kitten eye involves a very thin line on the eye and then has the tiniest little flick at the end that is only about a centimetre or two long. This gives the eye an instant lift while also in keeping with that natural look that is touted at the moment.

Multiple earrings

Earrings have always been a great way to accessorise the ears - and now you can vamp up your look with cartilage earrings and other earrings that create a multi-layered pattern on the ears. Having more than one earring on the ear gives off a fun and cool vibe and you can get earrings that pass through more than one hole to make for a stunning result. If you are a little skeptical about piercing your ears more - you can also find clip ins that will do the trick!

Delicate neckwear

When it comes to jewellery there are a lot of different styles on the go at the moment, but the biggest one in terms of the neck is a delicate chain with a very tiny pendant on it. This will likely be something such as a star, moon, or heart threaded through the chain and it provides the wearer with some sort of embellishment but looks very feminine and elegant. It is a great idea to get yourself a few of these necklaces because you’ll be able to wear them with any outfit and it will instantly vamp it up. This paired with a button down shirt that has a couple of open buttons is the definition of chic.

A sleek manicure

Gone are the days of the elaborate manicure, and like most of the trends going around at the moment it is all about sticking to sleek and simple designs. Choosing a stunning colour with high shine such as plum or emerald green is perfect for this season and it will make you fingers look more delicate and you look more sophisticated and put together. You can always benefit from a good manicure and this will make the world of difference to you.

A smokey eye

The Smokey eye has been a stunning staple in our beauty routines for many years and it is showing no signs of going away. If you want to achieve a beautiful and sultry look for your next night out, a Smokey eye is exactly what you need and it will create the most stunning look that compliments your eyes perfectly. Take the chance to watch a couple of YouTube videos and learn how to do a Smokey eye look and try this out with natural colours, with blacks, and with some coloured shadows to get an idea for this effect. There are so many ways to make this eye look pop and once you nail the technique you are set for life.

Berry lips

Autumn is all about stunning tones of red, orange, and gold - and this means that your lips are the perfect canvas for stunning colours such as Berry red and plum that compliment the outside environment perfectly. If you are looking for a way to vamp up a simple makeup look, a Berry lip will never fail and it will make you look immediately like you should be on Instagram celebrating the season.

The halo look

The halo eye look is a similar concept to the Smokey eye however it has one key difference - the middle of the eye is the lightest part and not the inner corner. To create a beautiful halo effect you work the Smokey colours into the inner and outer corners and leave the middle free for a colour or a shimmer. This is a great way to get some colour to the eye as well as make your eyes look bigger.


Underlining the eye is something we remember from the early 2000s with the emo phase, however it is something that is coming back in a way you might not have anticipated. Instead of lining the top and the bottom of your eyes, you leave the top free of liner and only line the bottom. This might seem a little crazy but it is fast becoming a trend and it could be a way for you to beat the bags under your eyes and try something new! See if you can pull this look off in autumn and it can be a great thing for you.

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  1. I love a bold lip for the fall and winter.


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