5 Garage Organizing Tips

Wednesday, February 23, 2022


When it comes to the garage, for many people it's either a place to park your car comfortably, or it's a hot mess of items stacked all over the place and barely enough room to actually open your car door to get out.  In fact, some people don't even park their cars in their garage...they just use it as storage.  But whatever you use YOUR garage for, organizing it is a GREAT idea because you can actually make more room and when you do go to look for something, there is less of a chance of having an avalanche of storage items falling on you.  So here are some tips for organizing a garage.

Create Stations
You garage storage can be split up into many categories like sports equipment, yard tools, gardening supplies, and excess storage (holiday decor, etc.).  So start setting up stations right away.  If you have a storage cabinet, consider putting lawn and garden chemicals in there so they are out of reach of children or being knocked over.  You can also store gardening tools in here too.  
Use Containers
This is especially helpful for toys and sports equipment.  If you need to, purchase specific holding containers for things like sports balls or yard games.  This makes it much easier to find things and also helps other members of the family know where to put them when they are done so you're less likely to have piles of random things all over the garage. 
Utilize Ceilings and Walls
Getting a wall mount storage rack for yard tools like rakes, shovels, etc. is a great idea because they are up off the ground and you are taking advantage of currently unused space.  There are also ceiling storage racks for things like ladders or bicycles which are also a great idea.  We actually hang as much as we can so that it's easier to sweep out our garage floor and have less stuff all over the place. 
Do a Deep Clean
Sweep every corner of your garage to remove all of the debris, leaves, and trash that may be hiding in every corner of it.  If you keep your garage organized and use less of the floor space, it will be even easier to clean it every once in a while and you won't have to move as much of your stuff around.  

Use Labels for Tools and Work Benches
If you have an area set up as a work bench or for general tool storage, make sure you label it (and any other containers in your garage) so you know what's in each drawer or container and you can put things back in the proper place.  If there is a work bench in your garage, make sure it's regularly cleared off so when you need to use it, you don't have to waste time clearing it off.
Having a clean and organized garage can make life much less stressful and once you get it set up the way you want, it's easier to maintain in the future.

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