My 6 Favorite Places to Eat in Central Pennsylvania

Monday, February 21, 2022


I know it's been a rough 2 years with the pandemic, but my favorite places to eat luckily haven't changed.  If you live in Central Pennsylvania you can benefit from this post, for sure.  If you haven't tried some of these places, make sure you do! Here are my 6 favorite places to eat in my area.

 1 - Hawaii Poke
I reviewed this place before and nothing has's still one of my favorite places if I'm in the mood for something healthier, fresh, and fishy.  Their service is amazing and the options for their bowls are endless.  I like to try new combinations and new ingredients each time so it makes for an exciting meal if you know what you like but maybe want to expand your options just a teensy bit.  

2 - Olive Oil Grille
If you like Greek food, you will really love this place. Again, I reviewed it before and I still love it just the same!  Their meals are great and you can piece them together however you wish with your choice of protein and grains. 

3 - Burger Yum
If you haven't tried Burger Yum, you're missing out! When you are in the mood for a fresh burger, look no further. Their fries are absolutely delicious and they go great with a milkshake! 

4 - Greystone Public House
This place is a little pricier but is delicious and is a great choice for date night! There is always great service when we go there and the staff can explain everything on the menu so well that you really understand your options. 

5 - Five Guys
This is another great choice if you're in the mood for a burger.  First of all, they always give you extra fries no matter what size you order, so they already won me over that way.  But honestly, their burgers are so delicious and fresh and when you go inside the store, it's always a great vibe with friendly staff and a nice environment to eat your meal. 

6 - Bonefish Grill
This will always be a favorite of mine when I'm in the mood for seafood and want a nice place to visit but not a super high price.  They always have great specials, their drinks are fabulous and the servers are so delightful!

Have you ever tried any of these places?

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