How To Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Monday, February 28, 2022


 Your bathroom is probably one of the most frequently used places in your home not just by you and your family but by guests when they come over.  Since this is a high contact area, it is so important to give it a deep clean once in a while.  Once a month, use the guide below to do a deep clean so you always have a sparkling and sanitized restroom no matter who is using it.

Remove Everything
From the tub to the under the sink cabinets, remove everything completely.  You need a blank slate to properly clean every inch of your bathroom. 
Clean Up Loose Debris
If there's trash, loose hair, or other random items that can be trashed, do those before you even begin scrubbing.  It makes it much less messy when you're actually cleaning. 
Work from the Top Down
Always clean your bathroom from top to bottom so the last thing you have to do is clean the floor and catch anything that might have fallen down from cleaning the upper parts.  So start with dusting light fixtures first, wiping down walls, and cleaning mirrors.  Then you can begin scrubbing showers and toilets and wiping down the sink counter.  Use a bathroom-specific cleaner that works to get the grime and soap scum up.  I like using scrubby brushes to get extra elbow grease in.  The last thing you should do when everything else has been cleaned and scrubbed is wash your floors. 

Remember High Touch Areas
Light switches, the toilet handle, the sink handles, and anywhere else that gets used by anyone that enters the bathroom should be well sanitized to keep germs at bay. 

Declutter As You Go
You may find as you go to place all your items back in the bathroom that you have a lot of duplicates, or things you don't use at all.  Those things can be tossed.  If you bathroom lacks organization, now is the time when putting things back, to keep them grouped by type.  All bathing supplies should be in the shower or tub.  Toiletries can go under the sink, and medication and beauty supplies can go in the medicine cabinet if you have one. 

Use a Microfiber Rag
These are great for leaving a streak free shine and getting all the water drops off of surfaces.  When you're done, just toss it in the laundry basket. 

Add Some Decor
The final touch if you don't already have it, is to add some decor.  Maybe a small piece of wall decor, a faux plant, or a fun pattern on a bathroom mat will do the trick.  Don't neglect adding style to your bathroom since after all, everyone sees it! 

How often do you deep clean your bathroom?

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