February Skincare Tips

Monday, February 14, 2022

February can be a really brutal month in most places and one of the most annoying things about it is how it affects your skin.  Here are some skincare tips for this month and beyond that you can use to keep your skin healthy and glowing!

If you're dealing with flaky skin, sometimes it helps to just do a big exfoliation do get all that dry flaky skin off.  For some people it's on their face (around their nose, etc.) and for others it's their hands or arms that may get really dry and flaky.  So whenever you want to start fresh and get rid of flaky skin, exfoliate to help clear the bad stuff away. 
This is so important because not only does winter weather dry out your skin, but inside your home it can be dry from the heat running.  Moisturizing after a shower is a great way to get in the habit and don't skip the moisturizer on your face in the morning and evening either.  If you exercise outdoors this time of year, you definitely want to moisturize since your skin is getting exposed to the elements even more. 
You can still get sunburned even in winter so if you're going to be outdoors for a while, make sure you put on some SPF.  But sunshine isn't the only thing that can burn your face...wind burn is a very real thing.  If you're going to be outdoors on an especially windy day when it's also very cold, make sure you moisturize beforehand and also wear some sort of protection like a scarf or face mask.  For hands, make sure you wear gloves!
Mask Up
Make sure you do facial masks regularly for whatever needs your skin may have.  Take advantage of a snowy day to stay in and pamper yourself.  There are plenty of good treatments out there and it's a nice relaxing experience. 
Don't Forget the Lips
Your lips can get very chapped and dry this time of year so be sure to use a chapstick or lipbalm made to moisturize and protect them.  And if they do get dry, don't bite or pick at them because it will only make it worse. 
Drink Water
Water is important for your skin and can help keep it healthy and glowing which is crucial this time of year.  We tend to not drink as much water since we don't feel as hot or aren't sweating as much as we would during summer, but it's still so important! 
Do you struggle with skincare issues this time of year?

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