Home Decor Ideas for February

Wednesday, February 2, 2022


Just because the major holidays have come and gone does not mean your house has to be plain and boring.  Make it fun and get festive every  month by decorating your home in ways that represent the current month.  Here are some home decor ideas for February!

Think Pink
So obviously, February gives us Valentine's Day so get creative and decorate with lots of pink accents like pillows, blankets, heart themed decor, and even make your own heart garland by tracing several hearts on pink paper, cutting them up, punching a whole in them, and stringing them together.  
Get Cozy
Since there is still cold weather and snow in February, add lots of warmth with blankets, candles, and fluffy throw pillows.  If you like rustic decor, now is also your time to shine because rustic decor can be great for winter time! 
Fresh Florals
Vases full of beautiful flowers always makes great home decor this time of year, especially around Valentine's Day.  Since everything is still cold and gloomy outside, brighten up the inside with fresh aromatic flowers!
Get Spring Scents
Break out the Spring candles this time of year.  Candles bring such a great ambiance  to any home when it's not so pretty outside.  But prepare yourself mentally for Spring by getting excited with Spring scents like floral themed scents! 
Add More Light
February still tends to have gray cloudy skies but adding lights inside your home can brighten it up inside and boost your mood. Look for little fairy lights or strands of light you can weave around houseplants or decorate your mantel with. 
Will you be decorating for February this year?

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  1. I just add a few valentines decor that I have.



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