Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Monday, February 7, 2022


 Needing some ideas for Valentine's Day this year? Well, I have you covered. I've put together a list of some general gift ideas that can make ANYONE happy! 

1. Garden Gifts
Whether it's new gardening tools and supplies, seeds, gloves, books, or even an indoor windowsill kit where you can grow your own herbs, this is a gift that anyone that loves gardening will enjoy.  They also have some really cute gardening accessories like decorative ID stakes to put in the ground where you plant seeds. 
2. Tickets to a Comedy Show
Laughing makes EVERYONE have a good time, so why not look for local comedians having shows near you or even a large theatre with a pretty famous comedian. Wrap the tickets up in a pretty little gift box. 
3. Pampering Supplies
There is no great gift than the gift of pampering yourself.  Help your recipient do that with a supplies they can use to pamper and care for themselves.  For men they have all kinds of beard kits with beard balm, tweezers, scissors, etc.  For women, there are lots of options for spa masks, bath salts, and even an actual massage gun or foot massage machine! 
4. Spa Day
This kind of goes with the above idea but it's a gift card for an actual professional massage or facial.  If you really want to make it special, go for a couple's massage together.
5. Closet Staples
Everyone has the same thing when it comes to clothing that is a necessity like socks, underwear, jackets, and pajamas.  But a lot of the time people feel bad buying this stuff for themselves because it's not very fun but also because "well, I can just keep wearing what I have."  So if you want to be practical this Valentine's Day, consider helping your partner stock up by purchasing these types of things for them.  Seriously, you can never have enough socks, especially if you're like me and you have holes in them after a few months. :) 
6.  Gourmet Dessert
There are so many great gourmet desserts you can give as a gift but it all depends on what your partner likes.  You can obviously shop local but make sure you plan everything out so it's ready in time for the day you plan to gift it. 

7. Car Accessories
Whether it's a steering wheel cover, gift cards for the car wash, or a trunk organizer, gifts for someone's car are a great idea.  Many times we forget that we want or need something as soon as we get out of the car.  That's why it's extra special to receive a gift like this for Valentine's Day. 

8. Blankets
No one can be mad about getting a cozy and fuzzy blanket this time of year.  Look for a super nice and soft one that's easy to clean and also has a design that fits your recipient or their home decor.   Every time they snuggle into their blanket, they will think of you! 

9. A Canvas Photo
Take a recent photo of you and your loved one and have it printed on canvas.  It's a great gift idea and you can both choose how and where to display it! 

10. Books
Everyone that loves reading will love to receive their favorite books for Valentine's Day.  Do some sleuthing to figure out what they might like OR better yet, get them a gift card for a bookstore, or for Amazon so they can get them for their Kindle! 

Hopefully these give you some ideas for this Valentine's Day!

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  1. Love the closet staple idea.


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