3 Peace Of Mind Tips For Nervous Drivers

Monday, April 25, 2022


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When you’re in a car traveling pretty much anywhere, it’s often interesting to observe the way that others drive. Some motorists drive like they own the road, hogging the lane and getting impatient when others don’t drive the way they want. Others may drive erratically for one reason or another, causing you and other motorists to need to drive a little more carefully to lessen the chance of accidents. A lot of people, meanwhile, are nervous behind the wheel, driving tentatively and often being victimised by less considerate drivers.

It is the latter of those groups that we want to talk to today. It’s understandable that you would be nervous in a car - they’re complex machines and capable of doing damage in the wrong hands. But get too nervous while driving and you can end up having more problems than you ought to - so it is sensible to follow some tips to make sure you’re driving with a bit of peace of mind, and will therefore be able to enjoy your driving more.

Make yourself comfortable

When driving a car, it is important to put yourself in the best possible environment for the task. The less comfortable you are, the more distracted you are likely to be, and the harder it will be to make yourself feel confident about your road use. Make sure your driver’s seat is adjusted to your needs, so you don’t need to strain to reach the pedals, the steering wheel doesn’t feel like it’s invading your personal space, and you can see the road easily.

Also have a no-clutter rule in the car; internal distractions will make driving harder and you more anxious. As for whether you have music on or not, it all depends on what makes you feel more at ease. Some experts advise against it, while others say it’s fine and even advisable. Go with what works for you.

Get covered

A lot of people’s nervousness behind the wheel comes back to one specific cause - the fear of causing damage and danger. A lot of this anxiety can be dissipated by making sure you have the right insurance coverage - dinging someone else’s car or clipping a gate while parking isn’t as big a deal if you have the right liability coverage, and when you’re less worried by every potential movement, your overall driving will benefit. It’s a positive that you don’t want to cause harm to pedestrians and other people - but things can always be replaced.

Plan in advance

It’s generally the job of a GPS to get you where you need to go once you’re in the car, so the days of needing to read a map or print off directions are largely gone. You do, however, need to allow enough time for the journey and plan in any stops you need to make. Do this the night before you need to go somewhere new; this way you can set off with time to spare and make the journey in a leisurely way without needing to make crucial decisions while on the move. The more prepared you are for your journey, the simpler and less anxious it will be.

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