Choosing the Right Underwear for Your Needs

Friday, April 8, 2022


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We don’t tend to talk about underwear often. It’s something that we keep in our drawers and fling on each day. But when’s the last time you thought about your underwear choices? There are so many different types of underwear out there that you should actually put a little thought into ensuring you’re choosing the right type to suit your needs and preferences, as well as choosing the sort that will support your body through the activities you’re engaging in. Here’s some more information on different types of underwear that you might want to try out or invest in!

No Bra

Now, the majority of us do wear a bra each day, as it’s something we’ve been societally trained into thinking is routine. Of course, some of us have larger breasts and do require the support of a bra on a daily basis to prevent issues such as back ache or aching chests. But if you don’t require this support, it’s important to remember that not wearing a bra at all is an option. Some people find that it feels freeing and liberating and also makes dressing easier, as you don’t have to worry about bras showing through clothing or straps taking attention away from certain tops or dresses.


Another option that you might want to consider is a bralette. This is a type of bra that is simply a thin piece of fabric, such as cotton or lace. It will usually be unlined, unpadded, and doesn’t have any form of underwiring. Again, this option is generally only suitable for those who don’t require a lot of support or who have smaller chests. They are lightweight, breathe easy and generally comfortable.

Push-Up Bras

For a bra that will provide you with cleavage, or enhance your cleavage, you may want to buy a push up bra.This tends to have underwiring for support and pushes your breasts closer together and upwards. Make sure to find an option that is comfortable for you and has the amount of padding you’re looking for. Browse online bras worth buying for some good ideas.

Padded Bras

Some bras are padded without being push up bras. Instead, you can find bras with underwiring and a small layer of padding, evenly spread across the cup. These can often be called t-shirt bras. They are comfortable and can prevent your nipples from showing through your clothing - particularly tight-fitting t-shirts.

Sports Bra

If you engage with a lot of sports, you’re going to need an array of sports bras. No matter how small or large your breasts may be, they’re going to need a fair amount of support when you start to engage in physical activity that can involve running, jogging or sudden bursts of movement. Sports bras are specially designed to hold your breasts in place, limiting their movement while you exercise and preventing pain. You can find options from major sports brands like Nike and Adidas, fashion houses like Calvin Klein, or other, smaller scalp companies.

Choosing the right bra can feel difficult and time-consuming, but once you have a few that tick your boxes, you’ll keep them for years to come!

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