5 Things to Avoid when Redecorating Your Home

Wednesday, April 20, 2022


Woman on ladder painting home wall - Image Courtesy of Pexels

Some people love to decorate, others hate it. Whether you pay someone to do it or DIY it, it can get messy. So here are some things to avoid when redecorating your home.
Leaving Surfaces Unprotected

Sometimes it's impossible to take things out when you redecorate. For instance, if you want to remodel your bathroom, you can't remove the facilities. Bathroom items are strong and sturdily built, but they aren't resistant to dried paint. As a result, you'll have difficulty removing paint, paste, and grout once it's dried. And that means your shiny marble or porcelain will be ruined. So, when painting your house around surfaces, cover everything up as much as you can. This simple act will prevent additional costs from avoidable mistakes that could affect your budget.
Expensive Stuff in the Work Area

As well as protecting surfaces, make sure you remove expensive items safely before redecorating. A couple of examples are your costly electronics and investment pieces of art. If you can't put them back in your home right away, put them in a reputable storage unit for a while until the paint dries or contractors are gone. You risk expensive items being splattered with paint or irreparably damaged if you don't. If you can't remove something you value entirely, you should buy some plastic covers to protect it while you paint or paste.
Exposing Yourself to Hazardous Materials

When you decorate, you need to protect yourself as well. Solvents and paints often give off toxic fumes that you shouldn't breathe in. You should open windows all the time to ventilate properly. Ventilation can reduce fumes a lot, meaning you can work relatively safely. Furthermore, if you wear a face mask, you can breathe easier and protect your eyes. Last but not least, it's best not to wear your designer clothes when decorating. Coveralls from DIY stores might look silly, but you will prevent getting paint stains on your clothes that just won't come out.
A Cluttered Work Area

A confined space makes it difficult to work, especially when decorating. If a room isn't cleared, there's a good chance you'll bump into things or trip over. So clear your work area completely before you begin. You can do things like move, disassemble, or throw things away when you decorate. And hiring a skip is a great way to get rid of things that you don't need anymore. Then you can focus on what needs to be done when the room is cleared, and the stuff is gone.
Not Planning Your Paint Work

You've got to protect your stuff from paint and other stuff. But it's just the first part. As soon as you've removed and secured items, you can focus on protecting walls, floors, and ceilings. Especially when you're painting, you should cover any areas you don't want to be damaged. For instance, if you're painting walls, tape the ceilings. That'll stop specific spots from getting painted. Additionally, taping and planning allow for a clean cut-in when applying colors. Or you might end up with smears of different colors on areas you don't want them.

You can damage your stuff when decorating your home. Avoid costly mistakes by covering surfaces, storing expensive items away, and making sure you protect yourself.

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