Tips For Moving From A Small Town To A Big City

Monday, April 25, 2022


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Thinking of moving from a small town to a big city? Before making your move, you may want to prepare yourself for some of the challenges of city life. While there can be many benefits to living in a city including great work opportunities and greater social opportunities, there can also be drawbacks like the added cost of living. This guide offers a few tips on how you can adjust to city living if you’ve previously lived in a small town your whole life.

Be prepared to downsize

If you already own or rent a home, don’t be surprised if you can’t afford the same sized property in a city. In fact, in some cities like New York, you may even struggle to find properties beyond a certain size due to the lack of space - apartments and townhouses may be the only feasible option.

Downsizing isn’t easy as it often means getting rid of possessions. You may have to sell large furniture and buy smaller furniture, as well as parting with items like excess clothes. Alternatively, if it’s a temporary city move, there could be the option of self storage - you could try looking into self storage deals and renting somewhere cheap to place your possessions until you move back.

Keep a tight monthly budget

It’s not just property mortgages and rent that are likely to be more expensive in a city. Groceries, meals out, drinks out, clothes and insurance are all likely to be more expensive.

To fund all these expenses, you’ll need to keep a tight monthly budget. In fact, it could be worth researching all these expenses beforehand so that you can get a good idea as to how much you’ll be spending.

Take advantage of public transport

Getting around by car in some cities is slow and expensive. Fortunately, many cities have good public transport systems that are cheaper and faster.

Know when to use this public transport instead of taking a car. It’s worth looking into any public transport discount systems that may be in place so that you can save money further.

Plan ways to meet people

In a small town, it can be easy to get to know people because you’re constantly bumping into the same people. In a city, there are more people, but you’re less likely to see the same faces as frequently. People in cities can also keep to themselves more. As a result, it’s worth planning ways of meeting people rather than hoping to make friends.

A great way to build connections is to join social clubs. This could include anything from sports clubs to activist groups. You can also try meeting people online through meetup sites. Consider connecting with people before you move.

Look into free activities

Not everything costs money in a city. When looking for activities, try looking into free activities. Examples include free museums, events and walking tours. It’s also worth spending time scoping out cheap restaurants, stores and bars which may only be known to the locals.

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