Use Your Tax Refund for Your Fitness Goals

Wednesday, April 6, 2022


If you expect to get a tax return this year, and you're also working on your fitness and health goals, I have a few great ideas for ways you can use that money to go towards them.  It can be hard to spend money on ourselves but often it's rewarding when we do it for something that is achieving long term goals for our health.  Here are some ways to spend that refund for your health and fitness goals.

New Workout Wardrobe
If you've been losing weight and are still stuck wearing your old gear, invest in some new pieces like tops and sports bras.  If you have been using the same old pair of sneakers, consider upgrading your footwear especially since if you participate in things that put a lot of miles on your shoes, they can certainly wear out. 
New Exercise Machinery
Have you always wanted a treadmill, elliptical, or bicycle but never wanted to splurge on it?  Now is the time. Of course look for sales but just know that investing in something like this can help you keep up with your health and fitness goals even more because it's conveniently located in your own home.  Plus, when the weather isn't conducive to outdoor exercise, you have no excuse not to get active indoors. 
New Gear
Whether it's safety vests for running in the dark, a head lamp, weight lifting accessories, or just new hand weights, go ahead and make sure you purchase what you need.  A lot of this stuff is really for safety so don't feel too guilty.  If you ride your bike for exercise, considering getting it serviced to make sure it's in tip top shape and replace or add anything you've been lacking like a water bottle holder or a safety light.  

Races and Events
Go ahead and sign up for an in person OR virtual race or other fitness competition with your refund.  Sometimes we put it off simply because we feel guilty spending the money but if it's something you've really been wanting to do, go ahead and sign up for some events through the rest of the year. 

A Gym Membership
If you've been wanting to join a gym, now's the time. See if you can pay for the next year in full.  The only thing is, you have to make sure you consistently use your membership so it's not a waste of money. 

Recovery Gear
Invest in gear to help you stretch after a workout, foam rollers, trigger point massage sticks, and anything else you know you need but haven't gotten yet.  And that massage gun you've been pining over? Go ahead and get it!
Spending money to invest in your long term health and fitness goals is a great idea and it helps you take more pride in the journey.  What are some things you need that you will be purchasing with your tax refund?

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  1. Great things to buy to get you fitness game going.


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