5 Reasons to Start Getting Up Earlier

Wednesday, April 20, 2022


I am an early bird, but it wasn't always like this.  In my teens and twenties it was all about sleeping in as long as I could and staying up late.  As soon as my thirties hit, and the fact that I have 4 needy chihuahuas, waking up early and going to bed at a decent time has ruled my world.  Of course everyone is different, but if you are looking to make a change and start getting up earlier, here's some great reasons to!

1. Get your exercise out of the way. 
If you are trying to keep a fitness routine, working out in the morning is a great idea for many people.  First of all, you start the day by something that's good for your overall health and you got it out of the way for the day so you don't have to stress over when to fit it in later in the day.  I run outside every morning no matter how cold or dark it is.  It really sets the tone for my entire day. 

2. It's beautiful outside. 
When the weather is nice, I take my coffee and stand out on my screened in porch to sip it.  I take in the quiet, or the unique sounds that I may not hear during the day.  I notice the first hints of squirrels and birds coming out for the day.  I can even see the sun rising and the painted colors in the sky.  Sometimes it's a beautiful experience, even if you don't wake up and enjoy it every single morning. 

3. You can have alone time. 
If the rest of your household's schedule meshes well with it, getting up early can give you valuable time to just be by yourself.  You can complete little tasks like cleaning the kitchen counters, you can read a book, meditate, stretch, journal, or even just sit in silence and prep for the day mentally. Plus waking up early kind of makes you feel like you're ahead of the rest of the world. 

4. It can stop you from rushing. 
If you are always running late in the morning or forgetting to pack a lunch, etc., waking up early can give you time to do the little things that you may struggle to get done in a rush on any other day.  Set your outfit out so it's ready when you get out of the shower, turn on the coffeepot, make your lunch, etc.  Some people even run errands really early to get them over with for the day. 
5. It's a different experience. 
Being awake before most of the "world" aka your local community, friends, family, employer, etc. is a unique feeling. No one can bother you yet because no one is functioning just yet.  You can catch up on things from yesterday so that you're perfectly on the ball today.  I find that early in the morning is when I actually feel most unstressed and at peace. 
 So whether you adopt it as a new daily habit or just once in a while, there are some really beautiful benefits to waking up early!

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  1. I love getting my workout done in the morning.



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