April Home Decor Inspo

Monday, April 4, 2022


April is a great month because it's full of blooming flowers, green leaves and grass, and pastel colors.  If you're looking to decorate your home for the Spring season, look no further than some of these tips as inspiration.

Embrace Pastels
If you have pastel colored throw blankets and pillows, now's the time to use them front and center in your living room.  Any decor you may have that has Spring colors can be displayed whether it's wall art or just faux floral arrangements. 
Spring Flowers
Use flowers to decorate your home especially on end tables, the kitchen, and your dining room table.  You can obviously get great bouquets at the store but if you have Spring flowers in full bloom in your own garden, get out there and start cutting and arranging your own floral display. 
Easter Theme
April brings Easter so break out the baskets, decorative eggs, bunnies, and chicks.  Easter decor is great because it's also Spring decor so whether you choose to celebrate Easter or not, you can always find decent Spring decor in the Easter section of stores. 
Lighten your Linens
Put the thick blankets away and embrace the warm weather and the fact that you won't have to try to stay as warm INSIDE your house either.   
DIY Garland
Get crafty and make your own garden whether it's with faux florals, cards stock cut into the shape of eggs or flowers, or even pastel colored craft embellishments. 
Baskets are IN
For some reason, maybe because of Easter baskets, baskets look great as decor in the warm weather months. Use them as storage at the same time by storing throw blankets but keeping the basket in view.   

How do you decorate your home for this time of year?

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