4 Ways To Organize & Store Shoes

Tuesday, November 22, 2022


The trickiest part of organizing your wardrobe always seems to be the shoes.  That's because shoes come in all shapes and sizes and styles so there's really no one size fits all (get it?) solution.   In my own closet I use several different methods of organizing and today I'm going to share them with you. 

If you haven't already, you should seriously consider doing a purge of your wardrobe or using the KonMari method with my free KonMari checklist! Once you know which shoes and boots you want to keep, you are ready to start organizing.  Don't do this BEFORE a purge, because you will have less space. 

Space Savers
Shoe Slotz are a great idea if you have minimal space and a large amount of shoes.  Each slot takes up just one shoe's worth of space.  You can see the shoe displayed on the top.  It's actually one of my favorite ways to organize my shoes when I am really lacking closet space. 

Cubby Shelves
I really love keeping my shoes that I don't wear as often in this shoe cubby.  It's okay if it gets covered because I don't need to get in there as often as other parts of my closet.  The other cool thing is, these cubbies are stackable so if you have tons of space in a walk in closet, for instance, you can buy several to line the walls. 

Standing Tall
Boots are a pain in the ass.  But I found a genius solution for my own closet. I got these inflatable boot stuffers to help my boots stand up straight rather than slouch. To make them stand together I use boot clips that slide right in and hold them together and upright.  This is a great solution for me because when I need the boots I can grab them and then they're already shaped for me.  It also takes up less space since they aren't folded over or slouchy. 

Clear Stacking Bins 
I personally love these clear stacking shoe bins from The Container Store but you can use any that you like or that fit best in your closet.  This lets me see my options and also makes it easy for me to put everything away.  I love that it saves space by being stackable.  If you are limited on shelf space, this is a great option. 

They actually come in many different sizes so if you don't like the smaller size and you have shoes that definitely won't fit in these, just get the bigger ones! 

How do you guys organize your shoes? 


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