Thrifty Ways To Update Your Living Space

Thursday, November 3, 2022


Every once in a while, it’s more than likely you’ll want a complete refresh of your interior living space. Often, this can come with a change in season, a new relationship, or perhaps it’s just the mood you're in. Change can be so good, and can symbolize a fresh start and a positive new chapter. Basically, the advice here is to go for it, and invest as much time and energy in updating your home, as you like! It’s no bad thing.

However, it can sometimes be easy to get carried away with the updates; this can end up being expensive. Therefore, if you want the budget to be reasonable and not break the bank; it’s worth taking some time to consider some more affordable ways to spruce up your interior and add some new life to your home. The following are some ideas for those looking to focus on their surroundings, affordably!


Online Auctions; Get Bidding!

There’s something so satisfying about bidding on an item and winning it. Online auction sites are a great way to find antique, retro, and unique items, that won’t have to break the bank. It’s worth setting a limit on what you’re willing to spend on something, and fortunately, it’s made super easy to pop in your maximum amount, and sit back and wait to see if you’ve won that incredible lamp base from the 70s. Good luck!

Second-Hand Doesn’t Mean Second Best

Things may not be brand new; however, often this factor gives things character and charm. That secondhand Chesterfield sofa just needs a little cleaning and some leather conditioner and it’ll be as good as new, actually, it’ll be better. Giving items of furniture, pieces of art, and home accessories a new lease of life when someone no longer wants them will add reward and character to your home; a perfect affordable solution to updating your space.

Charity And Thrift Stores

With the same principle as mentioned before; it’s time to add those charity stores to your regular shopping trips! Timing is everything when it comes to discovering a great find, so make sure you’re popping in regularly, and thrifting out of habit. You’ll soon begin to add to your collection of characterful homeware, for an interior that’s unique to you and your taste.

Updates And Upcycle

Now you’ve got the hang of finding the joy in thrifting and discovering second-hand treasures at a fraction of what they would normally cost; it could be time to push it further with some upcycling. Giving an item at the same time; sanding, polishing, washing, painting (you get the idea0, are therapeutic ways to repurpose and recycle items that would otherwise end up in the trash. Often these things can be found free online, or even on the side of the street when people have put them out to be collected by anyone.

The possibilities for super affordable living space updates are endless; especially when you’re willing to invest your time and energy. It can get pretty addictive too…have fun!

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