Winter Prep Tips for Homeowners

Wednesday, November 30, 2022


Winter is coming!!!! No, really it is.   And in order to save money and have a cozy well maintained home in general, winter maintenance and preparation is essential as a homeowner.  Here are some ways to prepare your home for Winter. You can save money in the long run with most of these tips! 

Clean the Gutters
The last thing you want is water backing up in your gutters because there are clogs from leaves and other items that build up over time.  So get a ladder and get on the roof (safely, please) and clear out the gunk from all of the gutters.  

Test Smoke Detectors
It's always wise to check your detectors but remember that with Christmas coming, tree fires can occur and devastate you so make sure everything's working properly. 

Drain Outside Faucets
Outside faucets freeze in winter and that can cause chaos inside.  They can get leaks and split inside the home causing flooding.  So make sure the valves are open, and let the water drain then go inside and shut off the valve to that faucet.  Wait till Spring to turn it back on after the danger of frost is gone. 

Chimney Cleaning
Have a company come in to clean and service your chimney to make sure everything flows well in the winter when you use your fireplace. Now's also a good time to stock up on firewood!

Service your Heating/Air Conditioning System
Now is a good time of year to have a Cincinnati air conditioning service company an  come inspect and service your system.  Changing filters is important and you want to make sure that everything is working fine NOW rather than last minute in the middle of a storm when your heat goes out. 

Caulk Any Cracks
Check for drafts around windows and doors and use caulk or another type of sealant to close them up.  This can save you money on your electric bill since you won't be wasting money running the heat, while the cold air is sneaking in. 

Service Your Mower
That's right... now's the time to service your mower so it's ready in the Spring. And if you haven't serviced your snow blower, better get that done before you actually need it. 

Take in Your Patio Furniture
To protect is from wear and tear, high winds, and critters like squirrels that sometimes enjoy shredding pillows and cushions, take your cushions in, fold and stack any patio chairs, and if you have loungers that can be brought in a porch, garage, or basement, do so now. This can make them last longer overtime since there's less wear and tear. 

Are you ready for Winter? What do you still have to do? 


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