Practical tips on having a clear out

Friday, November 4, 2022


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Has that time of the year come when you are thinking you need a clearout? It happens to everyone, let's face it, clear outs aren’t fun, and what we all do is put it to the back of our minds until we have to face it head first.

Although it’s not fun, the end result of clearing out your home is fairly satisfying - you have extra cupboard space, your home looks tidier and it’s bound to reduce your stress levels - a messy area can be very stressful.

When it comes to clearing out, there are many practical tips that we can offer to make the process a little easier. Start and finish one room at a time, make sure you have a junk removal company like on hand if you know you will have a lot of things to get rid of and large items. And make sure you follow the one-year rule - we will elaborate in a minute. Keep on reading for our practical tips on having a clearout.
Start and finish one room at a time

When it comes to tidying, always start and finish one room at a time. You don’t know how long it's going to take to completely clear out that room of anything you don’t need. And if you think you do, you are probably wrong. By starting one room at a time and finishing it, you have a realistic target and know you can stop if you are feeling tired once it’s done. If you are trying to do multiple rooms at once, if you have to stop for any reason, you’ll find your home will be looking extra messy until you come back to doing your cleanup. 

Get help from your friends and family members

Don’t attempt to do this alone, get help and bribe your friends or family members to help you. The more the better we say! By having help, you will not only get the job done quicker but you will also have other people's opinions when you are not sure whether to get rid of something. They can often be a lot more ruthless than you, helping you get the job done faster and better. If you are going to be moving anything heavy, having someone to help will also reduce the chances of you getting injured in the process.
Follow the one-year rule

We did say above that we were going to elaborate on this. The one-year rule is essentially a rule that states anything you haven’t used for a year, get rid of as chances are you are not going to use it. To apply this when clearing out anything you are not sure about you will need, tidy them up and put them in a safe place together with all the other items you are not sure you need. Then in a year's time, if you have not touched them, you know you can bin them as if you don’t need them in a year, then chances are you don't need them at all. This can often be applied to old home decor and interior items that you used once and never again.

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