My Simple Guide to Holiday Prep

Tuesday, November 1, 2022


Now that it's November, the next two months will go fast and can be filled with lots of events which can also lead to fatigue and stress. You want to enjoy the holidays though, right? Every year, I follow the same little checklist to prepare for the holidays and I'm sharing it with you today so the holidays can be more enjoyable for you and you can focus on the important things. 

Check Your Decor
I always do a run through of my decorations prior to the holidays because this is when I can take care of things like buying replacement bulbs for tree lights and outdoor lighting, replacing anything that's broken, and purging anything I think I'll no longer use in the future.  Start going through your decor now to handle those small tasks.  Make sure you have enough lights to cover the amount of space on your home or your tree as well. Nothing is worse than having to run to the store and fight holiday traffic because you didn't bother taking care of this last year when you noticed the issue as you packed the decor away. 
Start a List and Shopping NOW
I always have my holiday gift list started no later than November. Anything I can buy immediately, I do. That way I get the majority of my shopping done super early and can just enjoy the holiday season. The other important part of this is making sure you have a holiday budget in place.  I save for the holidays and any other gift buying occassions all year round so I am never scrambling by the time Christmas rolls around. 
Schedule Events Ahead of Time
If you want to plan gatherings or find fun festive things to do with your family, November is the time to start planning those out.  Look at things you can do in your hometown and create a list and a calendar. Purchase tickets early if you have to.  Call family to decide who is hosting which holidays.  This makes everything go smoother so you aren't doing things last minute. Plus, scheduling holiday fun gives you something to look forward to rather than scrambling to decide where to go then waiting in line since you didn't pre-purchase tickets.  

Meal Plan for Holidays
If you want to switch up your recipes this year, start doing the research now. Look for new recipes, test them out, or create your own.  I used to want to make different stuff each year but by the time the day came, I just used the same old recipes because I had failed to look into it just a few weeks prior. 

Schedule Time Off Work
Get your leave request in early if you know the days you want to take off. This not only gives you something to look forward to but it's considerate for your colleagues at work to know ahead of time who is off on which days so they can also plan accordingly.
I am a holiday pro these days so I really hope these tips help you!

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  1. Defiantly will be using these tips.


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