5 Ways to Prepare For Your Big Move

Wednesday, November 2, 2022



You probably know already how stressful moving can be, and it becomes even more stressful as the years go by. No matter how hard you try, you seem to accumulate so much stuff, and that’s even before you consider what your partner and kids have to pack, too. Being prepared is one of the most effective ways to avoid stress and make things a little easier, but how can you make sure you’re prepared for your big move?

Start Early

The moment you know you’re moving is the moment you need to start packing. You might feel like you have plenty of time, but your moving day will creep up on you, and you’ll wish you’d done something sooner.

It can be tricky to know what to pack as you don’t know what you’ll need. This checklist of what to pack first should give you a better idea of how to approach your packing process without needing to search through boxes later.
Create a Checklist

A checklist is also a great way to keep up with everything you need to do, and it doesn’t just apply to the house or packing items. You’ll also need to think about redirecting mail and canceling utility charges to make sure you’re not paying for two services.

Your moving checklist can also help you maintain your momentum as you’ll slowly but surely tick things off, showing you’re getting there, even if it takes a while.

Take The Chance to Declutter

You may have experienced decluttering paralysis, which is where you cannot bring yourself to clear out the mess no matter how hard you try. Well, there’s no time like right now, especially when you realize how much stuff you have.

It shouldn’t all fall to you, though. You need to get the whole family involved and be ruthless about what you want to keep. This is particularly vital if you're downsizing because you simply won’t have the space to store things for your kids, even if it’s for the time being.

Look For Storage Solutions

Storage solutions can help you move things like boxes and furniture out of your home gradually, allowing you to make space to pack other things or prepare the house for inspections and the new owners.

You can find reliable portable storage options that you can use until and even past the big move, giving you the peace of mind that everything you need is easily accessible when the new property is ready.

Set Up Your First Night-Bag

The night before your move should be when you set up a first-night bag. This bag should contain must-haves for food, hygiene, and comfort, so you won’t need to search through all your boxes when you arrive.

There’s no point in putting this bag together before your last night, but it might be worth collecting any items you think are essential and adding them in the days and weeks leading up to your move.
The Next Step

Big moves are exciting and stressful, often in equal balance. With these tips, you can make the process a little more enjoyable and manageable, so you can start the next chapter of your life on a positive note and have everything ready with time to spare before moving day finally arrives.

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