Another Great Weekend

Thursday, June 21, 2012

This weekend was pretty great for me.  The weather has been beautiful so I took a half day Friday and floated around in the pool!  Friday night was spent cleaning and watching movies with my boyfriend.  I swear I have seen like every single movie known to mankind!!

Saturday me and the bf headed to City Island in Harrisburg to walk around, take pictures (which I hope to have soon) and see a minor league baseball game of the Harrisburg Senators vs. Trenton Thunder.  The weather was great.  It was pretty hot but there was a lot of shade so it wasn't too bad.  Mini golf was super fun and the baseball game was a blast!  Of course the Senators lost, because everytime I go anywhere, the team I am seeing always loses, but it was still fun.  Saturday night we took so photos of me in some fancy shmancy stuff that I can hopefully have up here soon! 

Oh yea I saw a ton of striped shirts on Saturday too!  Like at one point I was the only person wearing a solid colored shirt!!

Sunday for Father's Day we dropped by my parents' house to go fishing in the creek in the backyard. I caught nothing!  My boyfriend caught.. A LOT!   Oh well, better luck next time right?
Now I am suuuuper excited for horseback riding this weekend!


  1. How fun!

    LOVE your outfit!

  2. loving the green top! found your from the thursday linkup
    and excited to be your newest follower :)


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