Bergan Pet Carrier Review

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I remember when life was simple when I only had one dog.  But now with 4, I am always worried about their safety and finding an easy way to transport all 4 of them when we travel.  So pet safety is obviously a big concern.  One dog is a big enough distraction in a moving vehicle, so when I learned that Rocky hates dog carriers and car seats, I was worried.  All he did was scratch until he unzipped the one I first put him in! Well, that’s when I found Bergan, a company that offers quality products for your pet that help make life more easy and enjoyable for pet AND owner.

I received a Signature Series Comfort Carrier from Bergan.  This is a very helpful carrier for me mainly because of The Hyper Paw Barrier that it comes with.  This actually makes it so I don’t have to worry about Rocky escaping because it protects the zipper from digging paws.  He can’t get out!! And I don’t have to crane my neck around to check on him!!

It was very easy to put him in this, as the one side opens entirely from top to bottom,  The other side opens on the top half which is nice because it gives him a little window to poke his head out as I carry him to our destination. 

The washable fleece interior helps make it more comfortable for my little man to relax while on a ride.  And of course the Safety Belt Loops secure the carrier to the seatbelt.  ALWAYS BUCKLE YOUR PETS IN!!! 

I also loved the added touch of a little design on the one side of the carrier, and the blue color was perfect for my little guy!!

My Advice: Protect your pets just as you would your child!!!

I received no monetary compensation for this review. I received a product sample for the purpose of my review. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.

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