University of Alabama Store

Thursday, June 21, 2012

University of Alabama shirts are a great way to express school spirit. Even if you aren't looking for clothes, they offer kids items, holiday items and home/office goods.  This is a great place to go to stock up on Christmas gifts or even Birthday gifts.

Need loungewear? There's a huge selection of hoodies and sweats that are perfect for relaxing around your home.  There are also some cool keychains to help show off your team pride! And if you go tailgating you'll love their festive selection of foam hands, koozies, and shakers!

I especially love their fashionable houndstooth collection where they have houndstooth hats, pillows, headbands, and much much more.  Houndstooth is very in right now so what better way to celebrate pride for your team or school AND your love for fashion! They even have houndstooth cufflinks.  That's a great gift for someone! And it's very unique. 

For kids, you have a wide variety of stuffed toys to choose from that are bound to bring a smile to their face! And next time you attend any kind of sporting event, bring your Bama blanket along to keep you warm and use as a cushion in the bleachers! Love the selection!!

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