Stay Fashionable At School

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Many of us know of some people who will be starting college at the end of the summer.  Make sure they stay fashionable when they are there, even if it'sjust with university apparel such as Alabama Apparel!  Whether you are lounging around your dorm room, or hanging out on campus, there are plenty of University of Alabama shirts for you and your friends to enjoy!

School pride is one way of expressing yourself through fashion by sporting team colors, phases, logos, etc.  It can help build up your sense of pride for what you are doing and where you are going in your life.  Plus, you can wear your apparel even when you are just lounging around!  Pep rallys and sports events are another place to rock your school gear and team colors.  Plus, it's fun to hang out after the game with everyone in the same type of gear!

I never went to college, but I always thought it would have been fun to be a part of a team and a union and be ableto wear clothing that represented that.  Don't ever be afraid to express your pride especially through fashion! And if you don't go to college, just represent a school you like, a school a friend goes to, or a sports team you love!

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