Summer Bucket List: Fishing!

Monday, June 11, 2012

I have fished before but not in a while and wanted to do it again.  On Friday, Johnny and I got our licenses at Walmart and stocked up on lures and rods.  We set out Saturday morning and ended up in my parents backyard which lies along the Conodoguinet Creek.

Well my boyfriend caught 9 fish including some small bass, fall fish, and I think a Pumpkin seed fish.  I, just one.  But that's okay, it was too hot in the day.  Earlier in the morning and later in the afternoon/early evening is the best time to fish. 

My dad was happy to see us though and he also came out and fished. Then the guys got in the creek with wading boots on and had a blast!  It was so darn hot on Saturday and Sunday was even worse!! So of course we got in our pool on Sunday. I got a nice tan and I even took Pixie in with us!! She had a blast for the most part!

Sunday we finished up with dinner at our friend's house and then a relaxing quiet evening at home.  I am super excited for next weekend because we have mini golf on City Island and  a Senator's baseball game!! 

What did YOU do this weekend?

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