Summer Bucket List: Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So this summer, in an effort to save money, my boyfriend and I decided to take day trips as often as we can and see things locally or atleast within PA.  This way we save money but still get to see cool stuff and experience awesome things.  So we made a bucket list of things we want to do and places we want to go.  Some of those things are:
Phillies Game
Senators Game
Mini Golf
Grand Canyon of PA
Indian Echo Caverns
Penns Cave
Hersheypark (He's never been there as he's not from PA originally)
And lots more.
Me touching a Watoosie I think!

This weekend:
Lake Tobias Wildlife Park.  Lake Tobias Wildlife Park was started many many years ago by a man named JR Tobias.  He passed away in 1996 and his wife and their 7 kids and 1 grandkid run the park now.  Actually his wife lives in the park.  Her house was there and it was awesome that she was right in the middle of everything!  Can you imagine waking up in the morning and going for a stroll in your huge wildlife sanctuary containing all sorts of exotic animals including lions, tigers, AND bears!!??  That is like my dream come true. Honestly!

We woke up at 8am, showered, and got ready to leave.  It is in Halifax, PA which is only about an hour drive from where we live.  Since it opened at 10am we were some of the first people there which was awesome.  We started our day with the wildlife safari tour which is a bus ride through the park where you can actually reach out and touch certain animals.  They come right up, probably because they know food will be thrown out for them.  It was very educational.  We saw a bunch of herd animals like Bison, Buffalo, Watoosie, and even Emu and Rhea!!   I was super stoked because I got to touch a bunch of the cattle and they were very sweet.  It was really entertaining too when they tried to get into the bus with us!

We shared a moment!

After our safari tour we began to go through the walk about zoo.  We saw monkeys, and exotic birds, lions, tigers, bears, zebra, and some other crazy creatures!  I was obsessed with the lions! Lions are my favorite animals ever!!  I also loved the zebra because they let me pet them!!

The camels were awesome as well and we went through a little petting zoo. The poor animals seemed so lazy, fat, and stuffed from being fed, lol.  Then there was a reptile house and that was totally cool I even got to touch an alligator!!

After about 3 1/2 hours we headed home.  Since we live by the Appalachian Trail we decided to walk it for about a mile so we did and it was super fun then Saturday night we went to see Snow White and the Huntsmen.  Great movie!!!

Loved this weekend and it was just the start of many great ones!!


  1. How fun! I want to pet a Watoosie!
    Also, I'm dying to see Huntsman!

  2. Ellen that was great! Great pics too. Glad you enjoyed it. We love day trips too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Awww, I want to go!!! I love the zoo!

  4. This is an awesome write-up. I think all couples should at least attempt to do a day trip together or at least plan something just by themselves. There are far too many couples that get stuck into the same routine almost every weekend and only make plans to do something when there is a group event. Great job!

  5. Great idea ! You guys look so cute together!

  6. OH MY!!!!! I LOVE Lake Tobias! I grew up a half hour from there & when we get down to PA, we love taking the kids over there. So much fun! Today's post brought back lots of fond memories.


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