My Wild Week...

Friday, June 29, 2012

So basically my week was filled with cleaning, fishing, and relaxing.  So exciting right?  Earlier in the week I cleaned almost every square inch of my house.  I'm talking, dusting, steam cleaning (5 times in each room), mopping, scrubbing, and even polishing the wooden panels that line the walls!!!  I went crazy in my bedroom and ended up organizing my dresser top where all my makeup is.  And when I say organized I mean everything facing the same direction and everything. Yep, I went cray cray!

I have several makeup organizers so I put those to great use!!

Last night I stopped into Dick's Sporting Goods and I fell in love with this purple Nike shirt.  I have no idea why but I couldn't put it down.  I even looked at the sale rack for something but nothing was there.  I had to have this shirt.  So I put it on last night for a pic, while I used a Merlot Facial Mask on my face.  How creepy do I look?!

All was great last night as I fell asleep, then at 4 am I am awakened by Rocky skittering around my head and neck crying.  He hates thunderstorms and we had a nasty one.  He wouldn't settle down so finally we just had to put him in his cage.  I couldn't stay up any longer since I had to be up at 5:40 for work! 

I am extremely exhausted right now and nearly dozed off on the drive in to my office!
I have a half day of work today then probably going fishing.  Tomorrow I have a BBQ at a friend's and then maybe going to a lake on Sunday.  Next week is fun because Rocky gets his stitches out and I have Wednesday off for the 4th of July.

What are your plans?!


  1. whew I got tired just reading this!!! You need to come and do my house!
    I am soooo glad that you said you had that mask on....I got scared for a minute!

  2. I love the case in the second pic!


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