Summer Skin Tips

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It’s summer and that means that acne breakouts are more prevalent.  Too often, we don’t clean our face after a sweaty moment outdoors.  Also, we tend to come home late after a party or an outdoor festivity, and we go right to bed without properly cleaning our faces!   The summer heat and exposure to UV rays takes a harsh toll on your skin, which is why it’s a good idea to use a product like Resurgence to help keep your skin healthy and prevent wrinkles and aging. 
Now is a great time to stock up on facial skincare products and here are some great Murad coupon codes  Make sure you get a product that will cleanse your skin and remove impurities.  You also need something to fight already existing breakouts and help remove them from your skin.  And don’t ever forget a moisturizer because drying your face out too much can cause just as many problems as having oily skin!

Don’t ever neglect your face.  It’s important to wash it at least twice a day, especially in the morning, and before bed.  Wear sunblock when you are outside and wear UV proctecting makeup.  Make sure to remove your make up every night before bed. 

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