Boottique Review & *Giveaway* Ends 6/11

Monday, June 4, 2012

Boottique is what every show lover needs in their life!! It’s a Boot Hanger Company with all kinds of amazing products to help make your life with boots more easy and fun!  It’s an easier way to store and care for your boots.  After all, they are investments with the expensive price we usually pay for them right?

Well, I received a Boot Hanger, a Boot Bag, and 3 sets of Bootpourri!  I love this! It freed up so much space on the floor in my closet for my regular shoes and sandals.  I hung the boots on the hanger and in the bag and I attached the Bootpourri inside and wow did it smell great, vanilla to be exact!  It is a great way to make it easier to find my boots, keep them clean, dust-free, and also they hang nicely in my closet.  I actually use them to divide sections of my closet now! Brilliant!!

It was so easy (and fun) to use these.  And Boottique is giving one lucky winner a full Boot Care Kit which includes: 3 Boot Hangers, 3 Boot Bags, and 3 sets of Bootpourri.  It’s a $56 value!!

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  1. networked blog donna marie
    fb post today

  2. I Like the Over the Door Shoe and Boot Rack

  3. I think the Curly Hanger is awesome! I need a set for my birthday next month.

  4. I really loved the curly hanger but The Shoe Hanger Organizer is something more practical that I would really use.


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