Distancing Yourself From a Toxic Friend {{Advice}}

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How do I stop being friends with someone who is toxic in my life. She criticizes me and belittles me but the minute I say anything negative at her she seems like her life is perfect and I have no right to condemn her. Problem is we are best friends and have been for 18 yrs.Thank you in advance..please help

Dear Kiki:
Sometimes people grow apart.  Often times though, it's hard to move forward with your life knowing someone may not be in it.  Maybe instead of cutting her out completely, you can distance yourself.  See her less and less and when you do see her, make sure it's in a group situation like a party, etc.  This way there's less pressure and oppurtunity for her to criticize you and belittle you.   If she asks why you are distant, be honest and tell her that you feel very hurt by her to the point that you don't even feel comfortable hanging around with her because of how she puts you down.  Tell her how much it hurts.  Maybe, that's enough to have her watch what she says.  If not, then you have to just move on without her.  Give her a notice that If she can't stop her criticizing and demeaning ways you will have to cease all contact with her.
Good luck!


  1. Thank you for answering a question that fits me to a tee ;)

  2. Thank you for answering this question... it fits me to a tee ;)

  3. Thank you for answering a question that fits me to a tee ;)


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