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Monday, August 27, 2012

You aren't alone if you are one of those people that doesn't really have a specific style.  Some people just wear what is comfortable and what they have in their closet.  Some people wear what they can afford.  Some people are always looking for a new style and I have a great way for you to find one. 

Copy your favorite celeb!  Most celebs have a specific style like grunge, goth, glam, boho, chic, etc.

Say that you love Rachel Bilson... I did a post on her here.

Rachel Bilson's style can be described is simple and laid back.  Simple doesn't mean boring, by the way.

She wears shirts that tend to have stripes or designs on them and she almost always has a jacket whether she's wearing it or not.  You can easily get her style by getting a few blazers and jackets and when you shop for shirts look for prints on them.

Rachel Bilson also is known for her gorgeous collection of boots, which she loves to show off.  Go get some boots for the fall and winter and definitely go after a hot embellished bag!  I love her taste in purses!
Blazers can be worn with jeans, which Racel often does. She also knows how to rock the rolled up jeans look!  Great fall trend ((Hint hint!))

All you need to do is look for photos of your favorite celeb, NOT on the red carpet but walking down the street.  If you see them wearing something atleast twice, you know it's probably part of their regular style.  Rachel is seen in MANY photos wearing rolled up jeans.  Then keep it in mind for when you go shopping for clothes for the upcoming season.

Do you have a specific celeb you want to dress like?  Leave their name in a comment below and I can do a post on it!!

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  1. I love this easy - carefree look. I'm looking for a great pair of jeans like hers.


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