Dress Like Your Fav Celeb: Rihanna

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Recently I posted about how to look for a new style to help define yourself when it comes to fashion.  I asked you to let me know if there is a celeb you really like and I would blog about how you can dress like them.  One suggestion was Rihanna.

Here are some tips for dressing like Rihanna based on her unique and uber-expressive style.

1. She Loves Black Leather Pants
And when she wears them she wears them very well.  She often completes her look with something black on top.

How to get this look:
Obviously, purchase a pair of black leather pants if you don't already have one.  Finish your look without looking totally crazy, by simply wearing a white printed tee and a black leather jacket or denim jacket over it.  This way it's a subtle change from what you might wear but it isn't too crazy.

2. She likes bright colors and she knows how to colorblock
She often wears neon colors like orange, pink, purple, and green.  She also isn't afraid to do some colorblocking. 

How to get this look:
If you aren't comfortable with 2 bright colors, you can't go wrong with a black top and bright bottoms, or a bright top and black bottoms, like Rihanna shows us above.

3. She loves strappy pumps
Rihanna wears a lot of black strappy heels.  Some look pretty scary to walk in but others are a bit more subtle.  She wears them with dresses, leggings, shorts, and almost anything else that will go with the shoes.

How to get this look:
Wear your most strappy heels whenever you can and embrace how much they accentuate your entire look!

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