5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's no small thing when you start feeling bummed out for no apparent reason in the middle of Winter, but you are not alone.  Even I suffer from the Winter Blues.  Over the years I've figured out different ways that work best for me to get through them and here are my top 5 that actually work really really well!

1 - A Light Box

Let's be honest - you wake up and it's dark and you get off work and it's dark.  How can anoyne NOT be depressed about that?  Even sitting near a window in the office makes some people feel better, but if you aren't blessed with a good seat in your office, try investing in a light box.  I have one and it has worked wonders.  You can even bring it to your desk at work.  I keep mine in front of me for 5-10 minutes every morning while I eat breakfast.  The light kick starts your body to naturally begin reacting to the sunlight, and helloooooo how can that not make you happy?    You can find a light box on Amazon here.

2 - A Hula Hoop or other Exercise
Exercise is crucial because it gets your endorphins flowing and forces you to be up and about rather then falling into a lazy slump.  It's way too cold to be outside right now so I use a fitness hoop while I watch TV.  It's fun and really gets your mid section toned quickly!

3 - emeals - a Healthy Diet
A good diet gives you more energy and mental focus so you can think more optimistically.  It's a hassle trying to stay in shape and eat right especially when you have to plan meals and create a shopping list.  Well, for $5 a month, you can join emeals and they do that for you.  They send you a 7 day meal list and instructions depending on the diet you want.  They also make a grocery list for you and can even find deals at local stores in your area!

4 - Talking
Talking is very therapeutic.  Meet a friend for coffee every week or go on a lunch date with a coworker.  Be sure to keep in contact with your closest and most trust worthy girlfriends by calling every few days and be sure to vent to them and let them vent to you.

5 - Social Interaction
Social interaction FORCES you to put on a smile and be pleasant (well, most of the time) so it's very crucial to expose yourself to this type of situation whether it be shopping at a store, going to church, or just going out with a group of friends and mingling at the bar. Anything that forces you to interact with people.  Humans thrive on social interaction, just as animals like dogs do.   

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