The "Not Ready For A Relationship" Response - Explained!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Just because he doesn't want to date you doesn't mean he doesn't like you...

Let me clear this whole misunderstanding up...
It's very typical that when a girl has feelings for a guy, and he makes some sort of comment that "He isn't looking for a relationship" we tend to take it totally the wrong way by assuming it means he doesn't want us in his life at all.   I know I know, but that's not what the books say...but sometimes the books aren't always right.   It's actually healthy for people that don't have time for relationships to actually avoid them, especially when they are focusing on career goals, financial situations, or something else in their life.   Of course, they want to reap the benefits of a relationship and that's why often times we end up "hooking up" with people we hope want more, when they really just want that benefit. If you are cool with that, then go for it,  but think about this.. if a guy truly doesn't have some sort of feelings for you and enjoy your company, why would he even want to associate with you to hook up, unless of course you are his fantasy girl with looks or sexual chemistry.  

photo by Supermariolxptvia PhotoRee

 Sometimes a guy will want to enjoy your company without having to discuss a relationship, but keep this in mind...if he truly is developing feelings for you, they will continue to come out and eventually you may be able to move forward with that.  You can't help the inevitable. Embrace it... Embrace the fact that you can hang out with someone that you really get along with and whose company you enjoy, but you don't have to worry about all of the other drama right away.

Make your priorities things like your job, your financial situation, your friendships with your girlfriends, and your health & fitness.  Let a guy just be a supplement to that, ALWAYS! And once you can conquer that (I'll cover that topic more over the next month or so) you will hardly be affected by a guys decision to not want to start a serious relationship with you... I Promise!

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