A Splash of Art: Wine and Paint Event at The Vineyard at Hershey

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Who knew that wine and painting could be so fun.  Maybe because it's relaxing, or maybe even because the wine gives you courage when you start doubting your artistic abilities.  Whatever it is, I had a blast at The Vineyard at Hershey when they hosted a wine and painting event with A Splash of Art

Wineing and Painting!

Me and Daniela with our matching BFF necklaces!
Me and my best friend Daniela arrived at the event and got to try several different wines!  I had to let her sample my favorites so she could fall in love with them as much as I did! Shortly after, it was time to head upstairs and choose a seat.  Our easels, canvas, paint, brushes, and apron were already sitting out for us.  We listened to the instructions that the artist gave and followed along with her. 

Painting was so much easier than I thought it would be because we had step by step guidance along the way and since the painting was broken down into steps and sections.

I was so proud of my completed painting and was super excited to see what everyone else's looked like!

It was a great atmosphere and I had such a fabulous time.  I can't wait to attend another session.  If you want to attend a painting event, be sure to check out the schedule of events on the website for A Splash of Art so you can register!

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