Is it REALLY normal to text each other 24/7?!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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Okay, so I got to thinking the other day....after talking with a friend about someone who went almost a whole day without texting them after they had been texting on and off all day the few days before.   When you bring up a situation like that everyone automatically tends to chime in and say "He's not into you!"  And that could be the case, but at the age of 25 or older, most of us have an apartment or house to take care of, kids and/or pets to care for, a workout routine, a full time job, and overall a busy life.    There's not always endless hours to text back and forth all day, after all - what is left to talk about???     

So now this begs the question...Is it REALLY normal to text each other all day?  

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Remember in your parent's day.....Well, how can you forget, mine always chime in "In my day we didn't have text messaging.  We had a phone, and we'd call twice a week when we weren't at school or working.  We weren't up each others behind the whole time and we didn't become dependent on waiting for each other's call, we all had lives." 

That is a very good point.  These days, if we aren't checking our messages on Facebook, we are looking at our tweets, our instagram feeds, our email, and our phone for missed calls and texts.  But if the guy you are talking to is a true gentleman, he'll maybe check in with you once a day right?   So then why does it matter how many minutes have passed since he last texted you?   And wouldn't you rather have a guy that wants to see you (not just text you), respects you, and is genuinely interested in face to face interaction and conversation with you?

This is why I feel some women have so much confusion trying to see the real signs of a guy being interested in them.   Technology makes it almost a requirement to be talking or communicating 24/7.   And actually, I'll give you this little piece of advice ladies, some of my longest and best relationships, involved texting only a couple times a day if that!   

Just something to think about! 

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  1. I don't think whether your love interest is texting you non-stop or not is a good sign of if they are interested. My husband and I lived an hour away from one another when we met and we hardly ever talked on the phone or texted. We both preferred email. Actually, we preferred seeing one another in person, but that was only doable on the weekends. Also, I was head over heels for a guy several years ago (before I met my now husband) and he texted me all the time. But, I also found out that he was texting other girls at the same time (including one that was married - yikes!) and he was not at all interested in a rel'ship with me.


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